A’la carte restaurant


Amazing flavours without any constraints. Hungry guests can pay us a visit any time, as we will always have a free table in our spacious restaurant, and we are ready to prepare delicious, traditional dishes with fresh ingredients.  Our dishes present the unique taste of Hungarian cuisine combined with gastronomical innovation. What more do you need on a beautiful summer’s day than a lunch of tasty, traditional chicken soup and crispy pork chops in the shade?  In the winter, you can enjoy a bounteous dinner inside that will make you forget about a hard day. We welcome our guests all year round with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere.

The best of Hungarian cuisine

We continuously update our menu with daily offers featuring seasonal and local ingredients from the Balaton region. We pride ourselves on only using fresh ingredients, and we have close relationships with local farmers so we can make the best food for our guests.

  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Local farmers
  • Traditional recipes
  • Varied selection
  • Excellent wine
  • Kids’ menu