Menu Card

Menu Card

The most popular dishes of recent years

Iron-fried Csárda roast on a deep fried potato flat bread
It can be made from sirloin, chicken or pork tenderloin, as desired. 4.690,-
Fried pork ribs in a woodcut style
Stuffed with bacon, leeks, cheese, and served with French fries. 4.450,-
Fried turkey breast sticks in beer dough
Sprinkled with garlic-sour cream, enriched with cheese, served with corn rice. 4.190,-


Sunday broth in pot, in grandma’s little red pot 2.290,-
Hungarian goulash soup in a cauldron 2.290,-
Fisherman’s soup in a cauldron 2.990,-
Daily soup offer 1.190,-


Beefsteak tartare with toast, tomato, pepper, and red onion 4.790,-
Cold fattened duck liver with its own fat and cracklings, peppers, tomatoes, and toast 4.990,-
Feta cheese with basil on a colorful salad bed 3.450,-
Camembert steak on a bed of multi-seeded lettuce 3.690,-
Shrimp and king prawn tail with tomato spaghetti 3.990,-

For vegetarians

Vegan tart with cheese and vegetable 3.850,-
Mustard and honey green beans with roasted almonds and garlic 3.650-


Grilled butter-fish fillet with creamy garlic tagliatelle 4.790,-
Pike-perch fillet hidden in homemade golden crumbs garnished with “rizi-bizi” (rice and peas) 4.950,-
Cat-fish goulash with curd noodles 4.990,-


Roasted duck breast in forest fruit sauce with goose liver flavor and noodles rolled in walnuts 4.990,-
Chicken breast steak marinated in yoghurt with steamed vegetables 4.490,-
Chicken breast steak with cheddar cheese gnocchi 4.490,-


Pork chop with bones hidden in panko crumbs with wild onions 4.690,-
Pork medallion stuffed with dried fruits ripened in red wine, wrapped in bacon, with taste of fig sauce, and croquettes 4.690,-
Oven-roasted spare rib steak with Bavarian cabbage and napkin dumplings 4.490,-


Boiled beef cutlet with brown gravy and napkin dumpling 3.750,-
Stewed beef cheeks in game sauce with napkin dumplings 4.990,-
Beefsteak as desired (with pepper sauce, onion-liver ragout, forest fruit sauce) 6.990,-


Wild boar stew 4.290,-
Venison steak in fruit sauce with croquettes 7.490,-

For children

Fried fillet of pork or roasted in panko crumb with French fries 1.990,-
Spaghetti Bolognese (small portion) 1.990,-


Salads of the season 990,-
Homemade pickles 990,-


 Somló sponge cake 1.690,-
Pancakes (with jam or hazelnut cream) 1.490,-
Chestnut purée 1.190,-
Ice cream in goblet 1.390,-

Enjoy your meal!

All our food is freshly made from quality products.
It takes time to make them, please be patient.

It is possible to order HALF PORTION from each dish on the menu,
for which we charge 70% of the price

The prices of the dishes include the indicated garnish, which can be changed if desired!

Our prices are in HUF, they include VAT!

If you have a card that empowers you for a discount, please indicate it simultaneously with placing your order!

In addition to the prices on the menu, we charge a 12% service fee.