Menu Card

Menu Card


Sunday meat soup served in granny’s red pot (1,3,9) 2.250.-
Hungarian kettle goulash (made of beef shank) (1,3,9) 2.750.-
Cold fruit soup with ice cream (1,7)
Hungarian mixed fish soup served with catfish in a kettle (4)


Steak tartare with garden vegetables (five slices of toast) (1,3,5,6,7,9,10) 5.490.-
Meat-filled crepes, ’Hortobágyi style’ (1,7,9) 3.290.-
Seed-crusted grilled camembert on a bed of salad (1,7,8) 4.250.-

Chef’s special

Pink duck breast with fruit sauce and walnut noodles (1,8) 6.990.-
Chicken thigh fillet with sour cream dipt 4.990.-
Chicken steak roasted on an iron plate 4.990.-
Duck rendezvous on a wooden plate (duck leg, pink duck breast, bacon-wrapped duck liver) 7.990.-
Tripe stew with pork knuckle, served with boiled potatoes 3.990.-


Salmon steak with braised string peas and hollandaise sauce (1,4,7,9)
Catfish paprikash with cottage cheese pasta (1,7) 4.990.-
Panko crusted pike-perch fillet with French fries (1,3,4) 5.250.-
Whole trout with buttery carrots and roast potatoes (4,7) 5.150.-
Fish plate with mixed sides (breaded pike-perch fillet, bacon-wrapped garlic catfish fillet) 5.250.-

Poultry Dishes

Roasted duck liver and grilled apples with honey 8.290.-
Italian-style stuffed chicken breast with ricotta and porcini ravioli (1,3,7,9) 4.890.-
Bakony chicken strips 4.790.-
Chicken paprikash with dumplings (1,3,7) 4.790.-
Breaded chicken breast stuffed with compound butter, served with string pea jasmine rice (1,3) 4.990.-
Grilled chicken breast with pineapple, cheese and ham, served with corn rice 4.990.-


Pork shoulder steak with onion potato slices 4.990.-
Pink pork tenderloin, served with peppercorn sauce and croquettes (1,9) 5.190.-
Oven-roasted pork knuckle with village-style potatoes and braised red cabbage (10) 5.490.-
Pork Milanese 4.890.-
Woodsman-style pork chops (with bacon, onion and fried egg), served with village-style potatoes.


Beef tenderloin steak as requested (with peppercorn sauce, onion and liver ragout, cream and mushroom ragout, fried egg) (3,7,9,10) 8.690.-
Rib eye steak with red wine wild mushroom sauce and duchess potatoes (1,3) 7.190.-
Angus sirloin with compound butter and grilled vegetables 6.790.-
Beef shank stew with dumplings (1,3) 4.800.-
Inn burger with French fries (1,3,5,7,9,10,11) 4.990.-
Beef cheeks in carrot-mustard sauce, served with bread dumpling 6.510.-

game meats

Hunter-style saddle of venison (with mushroom and gravy), served with croquettes 8.690.-
Wild boar stirps in pearly parachute mushroom sauce with bread dumpling 5.510.-

children's menu (can only be ordered for under 14 years of age)

Breaded chicken breast nuggets with French fries (1,3)
Spaghetti Bolognese (1,3,7,9)


Brownie with vanilla ice cream (1,3,7,8)
Chocolate dessert with strawberry sauce (1,3,7)
Chestnut purée (7,8)
Sundae (7)


Fresh  salad 1.290.-
Homemade mixed pickels or fermented cucumbers 990.-

Enjoy your meal!

All our food is freshly made from quality products.
It takes time to make them, please be patient.

It is possible to order HALF PORTION from each dish on the menu,
for which we charge 70% of the price.

Separate payment is not possible.

The prices of the dishes include the indicated garnish, which can be changed if desired!

Our prices are in HUF, they include VAT!

If you have a card that empowers you for a discount, please indicate it simultaneously with placing your order!

In addition to the prices on the menu, we charge a 13% service fee.


Allergenes: 1. Gluten, grain 2. Crustaceans 3. Egg 4. Fish 5. Peanuts 6. Soybean 7. Lactose 8. Nuts 9. Celery 10. Mustard 11. Sesame 12. Sulfur dioxide 13. Lupine 14.Mollusks